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Title: Softball vs Hofstra 3/21
Post by: txram on March 18, 2017, 10:43:05 pm
Game moved to the Bronx on Tues.  Remains at 2pm.  Our grounds crew did a great job on Houlihan so I suspect they did the same on Bahoshy.

Hofstra isn't quite as strong as they used to be and are 8-10, with a .244 BA and 4.60 ERA.  They have one pitcher, a freshman, with a 2.70 ERA, however.  They have few HRs and SBs, but have a good defense.

They've played a pretty tough schedule and have wins over St. Joe's, Binghamton, FIU, BC, and Longwood.  They lost a close one to #20 USF but got trounced twice by #4 Oregon.  All of their local games this week were cancelled.  They were ranked #67 last year to our #63.  If they use their ace, this could be a tough game.  Currently they have a 96 RIP to our 35.

Title: Re: Softball vs Hofstra 3/21
Post by: txram on March 20, 2017, 05:38:58 pm
Here's the SID's pregame writeup: (

Title: Re: Softball vs Hofstra 3/21
Post by: txram on March 21, 2017, 01:57:12 pm
We're back to our regular lineup with Van Hoven hitting 2nd and Shaw 5th.  Johnston is DP, hitting for Aughinbaugh.  Trivelpiece is in RF.  Surprisinglly, Aughinbaugh is starting in the circle.  Quense isn't at 1b; Shaw is.

Hofstra's ace, Cornell (2.70 ERA) is pitching for them.  She has a 5:3 K:BB ratio and about a 1.2 WHIP.

We have an extra camera this year, one from RCF, plus one from either side of home plate looking down the lines.

There's a small mountain of snow just beyond the CF fence and some in the stands.  It's 50 degrees, but is expected to be 30 tomorrow, cancelling our game vs Iona.

In the 1st, Aughinbaugh retired the side in order, getting 1 K.
In our half, Hughes K'd, a rarity.  Van Hoven hit her first HR of the year.  Canessa walked.  Mayer singled Canessa to 3b.  Shaw walked to load the bases.  Johnston and Vergona K'd.  3 LOB.  Cornell has some pop and movement on her pitches.  Rams up 1-0 after 1.

In the 2nd, Aughinbaugh retired the side in order on 5 pitches.
In our half, Figueroa doubled down the line.  Trivelpiece popped up foul.  Hughes K'd again.  Van Hoven dribbled ne up the middle, scoring Figueroa, Van Hoven moving to 2b on the throw.  Canessa popped up.  1 LOB.  Rams up 2-0 after 2.

In the 3rd, Aughinbaugh retired the side on 5 pitches again.
In the bottom half, Mayer and Shaw popped up.  Johnston K'd looking again.  5Ks for Cornell.  Rams up 2-0 after 3.

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Post by: txram on March 21, 2017, 02:50:03 pm
In the 4th vs Hofstra, Aughinbaugh gave up 2 singles and a double scoring a run.
In our half, Vergona popped up.  Figueroa grounded out.  Trivelpiece popped up.  Rams up 2-1 after 4.

In the 5th, Aughinbaugh gave up a 2-out double.  Hughes made an error on a GB.   Aughinbaugh gave up a walk to load the bases.  An error on Van Hoven scored a run to tie it.  A K ended it. 
In the bottom half, Hughes popped up.  Van Hoven singled.  Canessa flied out.  Van Hoven stole 2b.  Now is 12/12.  Mayer walked.  Shaw grounded out.  2 LOB.  2-2 after 5.

In the 6th, Stocks in to pitch for Aughinbaugh.  She gave up a leadoff double.  Sac bunt moved runner to 3b.  A WP scored a run.  Shaw made a diving catch for out #3.
In the bottom half, Skrepenak PH for Johnston and popped up.  WAY too many pop ups in this one.  Vergona was HBP.  Figueroa got an infield single.  Trivelpiece hit into a force at 2nd.  Hughes walked to load the bases.  Van Hoven grounded out.  3 more LOB.  That's 9 in total.  Rms down 3-2 after 6.

In the 7th, Stocks got a K, got a foul pop, and a K.
In the bottom half, Canessa walked.  Mayer walked.  Shaw popped up, as did Skrepenak.  Vergona K'd looking.  2 LOB, making 11 for the game.

Rams lose 3-2.  We gave that one away.  I'll fill in the stats later.

Title: Re: Softball vs Hofstra 3/21
Post by: txram on March 21, 2017, 08:25:24 pm
Here's the SID's writeup and box score: (

Here's Snapshot's(?) photo gallery of the game. (

One of Hofstra's runs was unearned.

We only had 6 hits and left 11 on base.

Aughinbaugh gave up 4 hits in 5 innings with 2 Ks and 1 BB.  Stocks gave up 1 hit in 2 innings with 2 Ks and 1 WP.  Not sure why Quense didn't pitch other than Bridget knew ahead of time the Iona game on Wed was canceled and she wanted to give the freshmen a challenge.  They did well enough to win.

Cornell pitched well for Hofstra but we've done better against better.

We're now 20-7 and open the season vs Rhode Island on Saturday at home.  The weather needs to get better.  These should be 3 relatively easy wins and the A10 doesn't make canceled games up.