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1  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Men's Basketball / Re: Starting Line Up '17-18' on: Yesterday at 11:24:32 am
If JC is playing the 3, it no longer is traditional. I meant to say "would be filled" rather than "will be filled", meaning that we don't play a traditional 1-5.  In your starting 5 I would say JC is the 2 and Tavares the 3, though, but in reality they are both 2's. My main point however, was that Ohams, Slanina and Bunting are not likely to be on the floor at the same time, though I was not sure if that was what 85 was suggesting or not.

Got it. Makes complete sense.

Completely agree that we will only see 2 or in some cases only 1 of those players on the floor at a time. It is entirely possible that 5 of our top 7 players are traditional 1's or 2's (Havsa, Taveres, Hicks, Evans, JC). If that is the case then you will want those players on the court as much as possible. I think a lot of this comes down to what we get from PEkarek and Raut and how much they play in the traditional 3 spot.
2  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Men's Basketball / Re: Starting Line Up '17-18' on: Yesterday at 09:00:58 am
The traditional 3-5 will be filled by a combo of Ohams (3/4/5), Slanina (4/5), Bunting (5), Pekárek (3/4), Tavares (3), Raut (3/4). The numbers in parens are my guesses more than anything. We don't have any centers listed on the roster, so clearly we don't go traditional.

I would seriously consider adding JC to the 3 mix. I think Havsa, Tavares, JC, Ohams, and Slanina might be our starting 5.
3  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Fordham @ Lafayette on: October 08, 2017, 08:45:24 am
Look I don't think we are great by any means. I think this season has all the makings of "one of those seasons" where everything goes wrong.

That being said, are we sure that Lafayette isn't the favorite in the PL. They beat arguably the top two preseason favorites already.
4  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Fordham Football Falls - How far would this set us back? on: October 06, 2017, 01:09:03 pm
Some folks can't admit to reality even when it smashes you in the face.....

This team isn't good.  We will be very lucky to squeeze two more wins out of the season.  It was supposed to be a wonderful year only to become a disaster yet there are some claiming we can still win the PL.

Open your eyes -- we will be in the cellar for a while

Go back and read the posts on the basketball board after the St. Joe's loss last year. We had lost 9 of 10 games and people wanted JN's head. What if the administration had fired him then? The critics are awfully quiet now.  
5  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Fordham Football Falls - How far would this set us back? on: October 06, 2017, 09:03:31 am
I'm a little hesitant on some aspects of our offense this year as well as the defense.  We are averaging 23 points per game for the 5 games we've played which is somewhat below the last few years.  Against Army we scored 6 points.  Against EWU we scored 10 points, albeit admittedly these are two strong teams.  It also seems that the clock management and general play calling appears a little off to me.

Obviously, the injuries to Chase and Longi have hurt the team's offensive output.  But I'm concerned that our offensive line has been below par. EWU sacked Anderson 10 times, Army 3 sacks and Yale 4 sacks, not to mention the number of times Anderson has been pressured.  Our running game even when Chase was healthy (Army and the 1st half of EWU) was somewhat anemic.  Our running backs need some sort of holes to try to make moves and I think our line has not been as good at that as in previous years.

The bottom line is both our offensive and defensive lines are not performing well IMO.  Whether it's the talent (which it seems to be the case at least on the defensive line) or the coaching on both lines, I don't know.  I think this is where the focus has got to be in order to try to fix this going forward, talent wise and coaching.

Fair assessment Richie. You are right to say that even with Chase and Longi we still would have had O-line issues.

I am very much in wait and see mode.My main point continues to be that I think the step back was bound to happen whoever our coach was this year. I think we have talent issues in the Jr and SR classes.
6  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Yale @ Fordham on: October 05, 2017, 03:33:34 pm

We always seem to wait 1 year too long.  We don't need a DW situation here.  Let's cut our losses.   It's obvious he can't put together a competent staff.

Not sure this is fair. He has been here a year and a half and one of those year's he was 8-3 and 1 win away from the playoffs. He has a new defensive coordinator, new offensive line coach and new LB and DL coaches. The program is transitioning clearly from the JM era and has a lot of new pieces on defense both on the field and on the sideline.

The antenna is clearly up but I would give him one more year. The BS about the players not liking him is nothing new for a new head coach. Happpens everytime the HC turns over in every sport.
7  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Fordham Football Falls - How far would this set us back? on: October 05, 2017, 12:46:32 pm
To answer your question or not. There is no way to know if damage and how much is being done to the program. That being said, I think there are two things we need to keep a close eye on:

1. Talent/Recruiting

As I have mentioned many times, I think the idea that AB was handed a finished product is way overblown. Our defense was below par for most of the JM tenure and has only been getting worse. The talent on defense in the last 3 recruiting classes has been sparse. The signs from the Frosh class (AB's first real class) have been good and the Indiana QB was a great pick-up. I think he deserves the chance to get his own guys in here especially on defense to see if he can turn it around.

2. Coaching

This is harder for me to evaluate as I don't have the background to breakdown schemes and formations. I will say that as far as game management and discipline we have taken a step back. Lots of mistakes that you would expect from a first year head coach. I do worry that we are suffering from the loss of positional coaches and AB's shallow network to replace those coaches. It is natural that he would not have built the relationships that someone like JM had to draw from. JM got AB, Jon Wholley, and Tim Cary all from UCONN. Add int he loss of Tyler Bowen from Penn State and all of the Lieutenants from the JM era are gone.  Those were guys that had relationships dating back to to UCONN. It feels like a new era now with some holdovers (Pace, Fogarty) but the new guys might need some time to gel. Time will tell.

On offense I think the coaching has been good. We have scored even without our two most dynamic non-Qbs in Longhi and Chase. I have no concerns we will be able to score moving forward with this staff. Can they straighten out the defense is the question.
8  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Yale @ Fordham on: October 04, 2017, 12:35:01 pm
AB is getting beaten up right now and not without reason.  I've been saying it's a stretch to believe he was handed the keys to a mini-dynasty.  We've been a one sided team throughout the Moorhead years and the lack of focus on defense, combined with coaching issues is showing itself.  Assuming he comes back next year (I feel he will get another year), he can hire better coaches. The recruiting, on both lines and throughout the defense is another matter.  And we need to replace Chase!  We need a big infusion of talent.  We don't have the players many seem to think we do. 

9  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Yale @ Fordham on: October 04, 2017, 09:57:05 am
I was told that the soph class was considered a huge disappointment last year.  Whether that was JM recruiting class or a fumble on the hand off from JM to AB or simply AB not getting it done, I'm not sure.  Feedback, post camp, was that this was the best freshmen class we have had in a long time.  Just passing it along as I heard it prior to the start of the season.  I have no idea personally one way or the other.

Yeah my point here is that some of the issues I think we are seeing is from a fall off in recruiting on defense in JM's last 2-3 years. Even if the Frosh class is really good it will be tough to make up from a lack of upperclassmen talent. Which gets back to another point. JM's best teams on defense were when he had Masella recruits on that side of the ball.
10  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Yale @ Fordham on: October 04, 2017, 09:04:33 am
Sophomore class is very small.  Alex Hall left the program .  Gavin Grewal no longer on team.  AB attempted to take his scholarship away but was unsuccessful since the University sided with Grewal.  Two very big O-lineman gone.  Jeff Ginn left the program.  Solano and Piccinich have been hurt for two years.  Have Ware on DL.  Deya getting some time.

May only be 6-7 sophomores suiting up.

Count the players on the roster...May be under 80.  Allowed 90 under the rules....

Thanks for the background. That is not a good sign for your first recruiting class. I will ask this. Were those guys recruited by JM's staff and then AB had to adjust. Always some turnover with the first class after a change. You could argue that this year's Frosh are really AB's first class.
11  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Yale @ Fordham on: October 03, 2017, 03:49:02 pm
I saw him play against either Don Bosco or Paramus Catholic, I forget. He stuck out.  Once he picks up the speed of college football I'd think he's a player.

Yeah I think we have some players on D in the Frosh and Soph classes. Cunningham has done well too. The seniors and juniors have not gotten the job done.
12  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Men's Basketball / Re: Starting Line Up '17-18' on: October 03, 2017, 09:51:17 am
Tip-off dinner looks great. Wish I could attend. In Manhattan with Adam Silver speaking.
13  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Fordham @ Lafayette on: October 03, 2017, 09:48:51 am
I agree with both Richie68 and ramjam

If I am AB, I am preaching NEW SEASON.  Admit the reality we stunk up the OOC schedule and that begins with me, admit fault, take blame and move on, with the season is not over mentality.  A whole new season lies ahead and quite honestly if we play at our best we can beat anybody in the PL, win a title and make the playoffs.  But we all have to give 100%. 

That being said and yes, it could happen, AB needs to rally the troops, coaching staff and players and make it happen.  He must get everyone to buy in.  As to Ramjam, I would agree I would think Colgate is the team to beat, but for us, everyone is the team to beat, one at a time.  No doubt Lafayette is beatable.

I am still debating if I am going as I had originally planned to attend.

If anyone is planing to go, hit Morici's pizza right on main street, walking distance from the field and get a Sicilian pie. 

Here is the problem. I don't think the experienced talent exists on defense. You can only coach up so much. I think the talent on defense has degraded over the past few years and was not replenished when guys like Hodge and Dawson graduated. I thinkt he last two calsses have been better but those guys are Frosh and Sophs.   
14  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Men's Basketball / Re: Starting Line Up '17-18' on: September 29, 2017, 04:26:43 pm
Does anyone have any information on Havsa's offseason?  He is so fun to watch, but I would love to see him put on a little muscle.

Havsa played in the U20 Fiba world championships for Turkey in July. He was a major part of the team averaging 20 mins/gm but struggled a bit going just 4/20 from 3. He did average 2 assists to 1 TO per game and added 1.6 rebs and 1.3 steals.

Turkey's best player plays for NC State and they have a bunch of guys who play professionally in Europe. Really good competition. Looking forward to watching Havsa this year. Kid has swag.
15  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Yale @ Fordham on: September 29, 2017, 04:11:06 pm
You certainly don't want to put him in any jeopardy for the PL but it is Football so if he is ready he will probably go.
16  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Men's Basketball / Re: Recruiting Update on: September 28, 2017, 09:22:29 am
can someone for in tune create a list of scholarships we have now by class and how many we have to give (if any) for this year, next year etc.  Thanks in advance.

I'll update my chart when I get some time. Lots of recruits to add.
17  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Men's Basketball / Re: Recruiting Update on: September 28, 2017, 08:46:53 am
Congratulations to Nick Honor and our staff, especially Mike DePaoli, a really hard worker and a good guy.

This is an excellent signing for us. Those offers from UMass, Dayton and Memphis were recent and very real. I believe he strongly considered and visited JMU because they were on him very early.   

+1. Really happy for Depaoli and it looks like JN's intuition to keep him on staff is paying off.
18  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Men's Basketball / Re: Nick Honor PG 2018 Commits on: September 28, 2017, 08:33:00 am
I don't see how we can can be anything but excited about this. This is nothing like JN's past signings of smaller guards (Smith and Hardnett). This is someone giving a verbal in the early period who was offered by peer schools and higher. Beating Dayton and Memphis for a player is huge. Small quick guards are fine in JN's system. Slow players are not. With all recruits it is wait and see but this has all the makings of a quality add.
19  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Should Coach Breiner be on the "Hot Seat" on: September 25, 2017, 09:17:57 am
For me this depends on one thing. Are the breakdowns on defense and special team due to Coaching or lack of talent. The offense has been fine and clearly Breiner feels more comfortable with that side of the ball.

On Defense, the performance so far has not been acceptable. I have no where near the football accumen to determine if that is due to Coaching, lack of talent, or a combo of both. Breiner hired this DC so if it coaching then it is on him. I have a hard time blaming him for lack of talent as he has only had two recruiting classes and the upperclassmen belong to Joe M.

Overall there are other signs that point to a lack of organization and preparation that are very concerning. He gets more time but he has not helped himself thus far.

20  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Fordham @ Bryant on: September 23, 2017, 06:10:16 pm
The predicament we find ourselves imo is due to
3 factors:

1. Coaching Staff

This does not look like a buttoned up outfit right now. Sloppy and unprepared and looking like they are not ready for prime time.

2. Defensive Upperclassmen

I can't blame this on AB. Every week there are more and more Frosh and Sophs in the 2 deep. That is a bad sign. I addressed this in another thread but whoever recruited d for JM left the cupboard bare. JM's best defensive players were Masella recruits. Outside of Ham who has played even average?

3. Bad Luck

This is a small part but losing Chase and Longhi is huge. Also lost guys on the O line. Everyone has injuries but losing a first team AA can't be dismissed.
21  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Fordham @ Bryant on: September 23, 2017, 03:45:00 pm
I may have not seen a softer defense in my life.
22  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Fordham @ Bryant on: September 23, 2017, 03:42:51 pm
There is player who I will not name in the secondary that is not going to have fun in the film session. He was not in the 2 deep but he has been on the field today and it has not gone well.
23  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Men's Basketball / Re: Recruiting Update on: September 22, 2017, 04:07:49 pm

I'd be comfortable saying its probably a team building activity outside of basketball. Us getting verbal commitments from kids is basically a thing of the past, we're a jucos and euros team now.

I think Jucos, Euros, and Transfers are a very smart way to build a program for Fordham. Why put time in with a Frosh who needs time to develop only to see them leave when they Graduate early or transfer when they don't get playing time early on. Makes no sense. Much smarter to a get a more finished product which will also improve the hit rate on recruits. IMO it is a really good risk adverse way for Fordham to do business.
24  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Fordham @ Bryant on: September 20, 2017, 04:38:25 pm
Seems reasonable to kill a guy after losing two games when he was a heavy underdog and without the services of his best player and 1st team All American running back   Roll Eyes
25  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Patriot league is now the worst fcs conf in the country on: September 18, 2017, 09:39:01 am
I think the PL is as good as it has been top to bottom in a few years. Fordham is actualyl the team that I think needs to get it going. I expect HC, LEhign, and COlgate to be very tough outs. LC should get some time with a new coach. Bucknell and Gtown? Well yeah...
26  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Eastern Washington @ Fordham on: September 18, 2017, 09:36:00 am
Not happy with what I've been seeing on the field.  I think a lot of our problems come back to discipline, organization and prep.  But keep in mind, although we've been competitive and even had success when playing up in competition, the Eastern Washington score was also right in line with our recent scores against Townson, UNH, Viillanova and Chattanooga the last few years, and those Ram squads were clearly better than the team we have on the field right now.

This is a great point. The teams in the JM/AB era have never been able to compete with the Size and Athleticism of the top FCS teams. They can;t stop these teams on offense. As good as we have been in the past 5/6 years, I think the 2002 Clawson team was better. Remember that team played Nova very tough on the road 24-10 in a quarterfinal after beating the CAA champ in the first round on the road.
27  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Eastern Washington @ Fordham on: September 18, 2017, 09:30:55 am
I don't organize the recruiting but I doubt very much that we pass any of those schools up.  In fact I guarantee we're at all of them.  Kids who can play at the FCS level and higher have choices.  We get some.  JM did a great job recruiting. These are generally kids from upper middle class families.  They want to go away to school and there a lot of places they can play.  IMO we should be bringing in 5-6 transfers a year and a lot of them should be linemen. I'd like to see 20+ transfers on the roster every year.

I think Joe M was a great recruiter on offense. I think the recruiting on defense left a lot to be desired. Remember these Jrs and Srs on D are his.
28  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Men's Basketball / Re: 2017-18 Schedule Released on: September 15, 2017, 03:55:12 pm
Sadly scheduling Iona would improve our RPI,especially compared to Maine and FAMU.

Rich 93 says Iona refuses to play us in RHG.  It may be true but it doesn't make sense to me.
Why not have an excellent chance (probably would be favored) to knock off a local team from a higher conference team in their own gym with a close to equal crowd with virtually no travel costs?  Seems like a no brainer to me.  If I were Iona's AD I would take that game in a heartbeat (and would even consider it without a return game)

I know St. Joseph's has a scheduling strategy to try and schedule the weakest teams from the conference above the,  I talk to one of their Assistant AD;s about it at length.  They do their best to make it happen every year. 

Doesn't help your RPI if you lose. Why would you invite a very good mid major who is local and will bring fans into your gym and risk getting beat. It is a lose lose game.

Scheduling weaker Major teams is a good strategy as you can possibly get a road win that can improve your RPI. That is the exact opposite of us scheduling Iona at home.
29  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Eastern Washington @ Fordham on: September 15, 2017, 02:14:28 pm
I do think this game will tell us a lot about this team.  In our opener we were utterly outclassed and in the CCSU game we still showed many early season glitches but escaped New Britain with a win.  This week we play a high quality opponent in our home opener and we need to come out and perform.  I don't think this game necessarily has to be a W for us, but we need to play well.

30  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Men's Basketball / Re: 2017-18 Schedule Released on: September 15, 2017, 11:26:13 am
Its not messing with a schedule, simply fine tuning.

Fordham vs Iona alone would outdraw Fordham vs FAMU and Fordham vs Maine combined.
plus it would get press coverage

Fordham/Iona means nothing. Preparing the team for the A-10 schedule and scheduling smart games that help our RPI is what matters.
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