November 24, 2017, 09:03:44 pm
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1  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Football Game Day Experience on: November 16, 2017, 08:49:13 am
Very funny Schmuck.  Did you play the trumpet or the clarinet in the Marching Band?  The only chinstrap you ever fastened was the one on your marching band  helmet

Did the Fordham Band's uniform ever have helmets?  I know the answer already, just looking to see if you do.
2  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Football Game Day Experience on: November 15, 2017, 03:43:22 pm
DamnRam, you will now be insulted by Ram-Louse, as many of us have been, using one of his pet phrases. Count on it. Will it be:

1) Seeing things through rose colored glasses
2) Being part of the Fordham drag
3) Believing that all is well
4) Having an inability to think outside the box
5) Enjoying incompetency

Perhaps he will use a combination of two or more, or maybe even all five. Sit back and wait for it. He can't help himself. And then will come the big finish:!

Ha!  I nearly fell off my chair with laughter!   Grin
3  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Football Game Day Experience on: November 15, 2017, 12:20:18 pm
I stated my case many times and the overwhelming majority of the people agree with me.  It is sad that you enjoy incompetency.

You have indeed repeated your idea many times over about how tailgating should be allowed on EP, but as you should know by now repetition does not make something more true, valid, or convincing.  It hasn't worked yet, and there's a reason for that.

I don't know what sort of "overwhelming majority of the people" you are speaking about, but what matters is how many of the decision-makers agree with you.  My guess, based solely on your behavior on these boards, is that you did an exceedingly bad job of presenting your ideas to them, and they were right to reject them.  That's on you, not them, and the fact you keep presenting the same flawed arguments (probably without sound reasoning) makes YOU the incompetent one.
4  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Should Coach Breiner be on the "Hot Seat" on: November 14, 2017, 10:53:13 pm
Ok, no vehicles on Eddie's as long as private tailgating is allowed to take place on Eddie's.

Tailgating without a vehicle?  That's called a "picnic".
5  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Football Game Day Experience on: November 14, 2017, 10:48:36 pm
Great....another Frank & Co. non-response......

We don't need to change anything, just because!!!

Don't worry, I have done plenty of negotiating.  This is the reason that nothing ever happens here. 

I am not Frank, nor am I a defender of his or a friend or associate.  My response was actually quite substantive - I told you to consider why the people you have long been speaking to have not acted on your ideas.  Again, you demonstrate why the decision makers at Fordham don't take you or your ideas seriously.

I'm not worried about anything, except for your mental health.  By your own statement you "have done plenty of negotiating", and "this is the reason that nothing ever happens here"?  All I can say is I think that's a fair statement.  You are the worst possible messenger for whatever you advocate.

6  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Football Game Day Experience on: November 14, 2017, 06:01:07 pm
You have to remember that we have almost 50 years of negative "Institutional" drag going against this idea...."because it could never happen", "Eddie's is sacred ground"  "a Military tactician named Edwards used the area before World War I", "We aren't a Power 5 Conference"......

Remember, we had Frank and Co. running the show...."All is Well".....Julio can drive the temporary bleachers around for the "big games"

All of this is just small minded thinking.  SAD.

All of this boring, 19th Century thinking is because no one is allowed to imagine outside the the traditional Jesuit channels that they grew up with.  It just makes no sense.

Eddie's would be the perfect spot.  The idiotic Tent that goes up during Homecoming is a total joke.

People, start thinking outside the box. 

Young paduan learner, you have no hope of ever making Jedi this way.  I fear that The Force may not be that strong in you.

In order to negotiate successfully with the Administration you must first understand the reasons behind their position.  I know that this requires a level of organizational sophistication that you have so far shown no interest in or demonstrated ability, but try hard as it is in your interest to do so.  What you've done so far (repeating your position over and over, and belittling everything else, constantly demonstrating your inability to think things through from your negotiating opponents' perspective) hasn't worked for you in all the many years you've been apparently pushing your idea.

Try again.
7  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Football Game Day Experience on: November 13, 2017, 03:25:25 pm
The revenue being generated would solve a lot of problems.  The fact that the "fun police" make you stop tailgating during the game is comical.

Regarding EP, you are still not thinking about this from an administrator's viewpoint.

Not comical at all, I think it's a smart idea for a lot of reasons.  It's a reasonable accommodation all around.
8  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Should Coach Breiner be on the "Hot Seat" on: November 13, 2017, 03:23:10 pm
The road is right there.  You make it out like there are going to be thousands of cars there.  I am saying 25-50 spaces and you have to "pay" to play.....All proceeds go to the football team.  Same with the reserved spots in Lot A that go for peanuts right now.

Confining my comments only to talk of tailgating on EP.

You still don't get it.  Instead of repeating your idea over and over, start by looking at this from their perspective.  Therein lies the answer young Paduan learner.  Hint: Ace just gave you a second breadcrumb.
9  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Football Game Day Experience on: November 13, 2017, 03:15:15 pm
So what? Even if what you write is true (and you are known to be very loose with the truth, Ram-Louse), those are all BCS schools with large campuses. We are not that. We are an FCS school with a fairly small campus of only 85 acres and only two large lawn areas. I believe that the university should restore tailgating on lot A during homecoming weekend, but tailgating on Edwards Parade? That's a nonstarter, in my opinion. The university can, and should, make changes in the way tents are set up on Edwards to minimize lines for food and drinks during homecoming, and several posters have made sensible suggestions as to how that might be accomplished. I would like to see those changes implemented next year.

Spot on.  Arguing to Fordham administrators that they should do something because BCS schools do it is an example of a non-winning strategy, to put it diplomatically.
10  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Should Coach Breiner be on the "Hot Seat" on: November 13, 2017, 03:10:13 pm
I disagree.  and how is tailgating on Edwards Parade malicious or nonsensical?  You make it out like Eddie's is Hallowed Ground or some type of Civil war soldier burial ground.  Swing and a miss by you again.....Your batting average is embarrassing.

Actually, he's dead-on regarding Edward's Parade.  The fact that you have been proposing this idea to lots of people over the years should have already tipped you off to this fact.  You're the one who's way off, especially with your extremist rhetoric, again.  Shows you just aren't thinking this through.

11  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Men's Basketball / Re: Exhibition Game Fredonia 11/3 on: November 09, 2017, 03:33:00 pm
Re players lost to other programs, a few comments on EP.  He received some rough handling here when he left .... Lots of reasons a kid transfers, but that doesn't make him bad.

The reason he received "rough handling here" is because of the way in which he left the program.  If memory serves correctly (and I admit I might not be recalling this right), I believe it was his overly-involved father demanding that he be allowed the option to shop himself around (perhaps he had Nova in mind due to a warm introduction from a certain someone?), and still be able to come back to Fordham if nothing else works out.  Roach granted that request.  Personally, I wouldn't have done such a thing as it shows zero institutional self-respect and causes people to look at Fordham as just a fallback option.

Left a "bad taste" in our mouths, even though we would all acknowledge he's not fundamentally a bad person.  Roach shares some of that blame of course.
12  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Football Game Day Experience on: November 09, 2017, 03:02:51 pm

The Rams have a neat, old-school stadium that isn't the biggest in the world, but it was a fun place to watch a football game.

Funny, I never thought of Fordham's half-stadium as "old-school", unless you compare it to a high school which had stands on only one side of the field.  It's an absolutely beautiful setting, the parking lot is very close and all, but I can't say it's a "fun" place to actually watch a game because there's no opposing stands to root against.  Just a big empty field ideal for little kids to throw nerf balls and play tag.
13  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Men's Basketball / Re: Fordham vs. Miami (OH) Pre-Game/Game Thread 11/10/17 at RHG on: November 09, 2017, 12:35:14 pm
When you consider our track record, it's steep. When you consider our conference, in-conference opponents and sightlines, it's somewhat of a bargain. If we fielded a VCU-level team, who knows what those seat prices would be? That's the problem with a 3200 seat gym I guess.

We should be happy to have such a problem.  Let's hope this is the year...
14  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Football Game Day Experience on: November 09, 2017, 12:19:55 pm
Wow, yet another thread on the same subject.  I'm underwhelmed, and not surprised to see who started it.

I would add an option for "This thread is unnecessary as it has been discussed to death in other threads."
15  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Tailgating Regulations issued on: November 09, 2017, 08:42:08 am
I can understand either position, but I don't agree with the policy of no tailgating at HC for Fordham fans but fans of visiting programs can tailgate.  Almost seems like diplomatic immunity!  Just doesn't seem practical, fair, or for that matter legally defensible (which undermines part of the reason for having the rule in the first place).
16  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Men's Basketball / Re: ESPN Insider: A10 Conference Predicted Standings on: November 08, 2017, 04:49:29 pm
Seems over-simplified. It is not as though we are going to be a big draw for them. I could see a higher profile program being attractive to them, but at the same time the higher profile program has no issues drawing at home on a holiday weekend.

The Manhattan game should be the Saturday night of Thanksgiving every year. I know it is not the rivalry it once was, but it is our crosstown rival and the team we have played the most in our history.

I agree.  This kind of scheduling rule is what allows a rivalry to be developed and planned around far in advance.  This should be a NYC Thanksgiving weekend tradition and produced as such.
17  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Homecoming - Fordham vs. Holy Cross University on: November 07, 2017, 12:00:48 pm


I love how defensive you get.  DR....please chill out.  You don't need to be so defensive.  I get have skin in the game, buddies in the administration and you hate getting criticism directed at you or them.  I get it. Just acknowledge that this Homecoming weekend was a Butt-Fumble weekend.  We can all aspire have improvement in the coming years.

The paying for "real estate" for tailgates is a no-brainer and one that I have floated for years to Father O'Hare, Grank, Father McShane, Father Gatti, and Griffin. 

Please relax and take a deep breath.

P.S.  Congrats on attending a "big time" BCS school. 

I have no "skin in the game" other than that I attended Fordham and want the best for it.  I am most certainly NOT defending anyone in the Administration, and again if you were to read back on a lot of my posts you would realize that.  You are misreading the reasons for why I am responding as I am.  I only want criticisms to be fair, informed, and reasonable.  You'll note that I don't respond to most other posters who are criticizing homecoming because I know their criticisms are coming from a sincere place and they are balanced.  You however have impressed me as a troll who seems more interested in having an issue to beat rather than genuinely interested in solutions.  When I correct you, it is simply to put out good info in place of bad info for everyone's benefit, and if you happen to learn in the process so be it.

I have not in any way defended what happened with the tent.  I have stated that it appears to me nobody was really producing this from a higher level, and said there are legitimate questions as to why HC fans could tailgate but Fordham fans couldn't.  That latter point in particular has caused me to no longer give the benefit of the doubt to the Administration on the matter of no tailgating, but it doesn't mean I don't see their reasons for concern as legitimate.  I believe there were problems but I refuse to use or "acknowledge" your extremist terminology because I believe it to be inaccurate.

I was not looking for any accolades that I attended a "big time" BCS school.  I was simply responding to the question that you asked.  If you can't handle an answer, don't ask the question.

Interesting that you have floated this idea to many people and still they refuse to do it.  Based on what I know of you from your posts (and this matter specifically), I believe that some of the people you spoke with were the wrong people, you are a poor messenger, and that your message (if conveyed it essentially as above) was non-credible and DOA.  It was indeed a "no brainer" from their perspective.  Allowing tailgating on Eddies is a HUGE ask.  For that reason Alumni and Athletics are the wrong people to be speaking to as they are simply not powerful enough to make that happen within the Fordham Admin world.
18  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Homecoming - Fordham vs. Holy Cross University on: November 07, 2017, 10:03:09 am
Why is everyone so "frightened" about "tailgating"......your thinking and thought process is so sad.  Have any of you ever been to a real school that allows tailgating?  People tens of thousands of dollars for the "real estate" or "spot" to be able to privately tailgate.  We immediately jump to the conclusion and prepare for the 1000 year storm of drunk coeds throwing up, getting run over by vehicles traveling at 5 mph and the FDNY having to extract a freshman out of the bottom of a Port-o-John after falling in......

We have such small and closed thinking.  How much does it cost Fordham to rent and put up the tents that Julio rents from Home Depot, hire caterers and supply food and drink?  It is probably a break-even, at best. 

Charge people per tailgate spot in Lot A, Eddie's or wherever else, allow them to tailgate, employ a security company to enforce University, Local, State and Federal Laws. Pay our University Lawyers, Risk Analysts, and Insurance Agents $5k to go on vacation for the weekend and everyone have an amazing weekend.

This is such Fire, Ready, Aim thinking it is beyond belief.  I am renaming our Fordham Homecoming Weekend the Fordham Butt-Fumble Weekend.

To answer your question (again), I attended a "big time" BCS school for my MBA, have been to BCS school tailgate parties, and I'm sure most other posters here have been to such as well.  Of course if you have read this board long enough you would know that.

What was the response you got when you sent your idea into the Administration for renting out tailgating spots on Eddies?  Did you put in your belief that we should be modelling those "real school which allows tailgating", and your belief there would be alumni paying tens of thousands of $'s per spot just like at the ones on which you are modelling your proposal?

Fordham Security does have the home and cell phone numbers of all administrators who can and should be called at any hour if there is an incident (which they do use), and the head Fordham lawyer would most definitely be on that list.  However, the typical Fordham university lawyer, risk analyst, and insurance agent doesn't typically work on the weekend and thus would not be patrolling the grounds on Homecoming days.  Thus, Fordham would not pay them to take a vacation when they would ordinarily not be working anyway. Of course, if you had any real familiarity with Fordham or the real world you would know this.
19  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Homecoming - Fordham vs. Holy Cross University on: November 06, 2017, 04:23:19 pm
Same ol', same ol'.

It appears the whole Homecoming event needs to be re-thought.  What is the goal and anticipated outcome?

I was wondering the same thing.  In the absence of a producer's mindset with goal and expectations, it becomes just another routine event serviced by departments with work orders and a bias to just do what they did last year.

It's great that they had higher turnout than they expected, but it feels like they didn't plan for success.
20  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Homecoming - Fordham vs. Holy Cross University on: November 06, 2017, 01:15:22 pm
I thought that you said that you were the "big shot" who has all of these "connects" with the "Powers that be".......I am assuming with all of your elbow rubbing with the Big-Boys that you will bring up all of these suggestion.......NOT

Once again, your reading comprehension is extremely poor.  You do remind me of another poster that used to be on here a few years ago, and no that is not a compliment.
21  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Homecoming - Fordham vs. Holy Cross University on: November 06, 2017, 12:52:02 pm
Unfortunately, these are very simple ideas, but for those within the administration, they can never see these creative strategies for themselves or the university.  Really, quite bewildering.

everything mentioned would probably cost less than what has been the norm for the last decade - and produce an ROI for fundraising, an enjoyable experience for all on an autumn afternoon...and create proud alums instead of the status, oh well, Fordham does not get it thoughts from everyone.

Simple ideas are sometimes the best, even if they result in more cost and logistical complexity (for example, having tent rental, staff, furnishings, support, etc. for five tents rather than one centralized one) and come from outside the University.  The important thing is to think of things from a practical perspective as administrators must do and not just demand things out of an entitlement mentality.

I would be shocked if things don't change for next year given what has been described on this board.  I would think the homecoming committee members would insist that a report of all the problems and ideas for solutions for the next homecoming be written up and presented to the admin before the next planning cycle begins.  I know if I were working there that's what I would be doing as we speak.
22  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Homecoming - Fordham vs. Holy Cross University on: November 06, 2017, 11:46:06 am
We have asked the AD. Lets see the repsonse.

I'm sure it will be covfefe.   Grin
23  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Homecoming - Fordham vs. Holy Cross University on: November 06, 2017, 11:42:08 am
I played but have to say that if the football team is good, enough people will go to the game.  If they're not, they won't.  Shutting down the type of fun almost every other school has is a really negative inducement to fill the stands. imo.  Plus, the game is part of the overall event of homecoming - getting alums back to campus to enhance their connection to their school.  It's *not the end, just one of the means.

It's just a total missed opportunity.  Hiring much more professional security to ensure drinking doesn't get out of hand or students aren't taking part are all things you can plan for and can help mitigate risk.  The school goes all out to do things the right way for Jubilee.  Imo there's no reason that they can't say that this is a day during the year where they're going to invest money in much better security and put on a top notch engagement with alums.  If your goal is to pull people from drinking in the lot then do Family Day on Martyrs lawn where you make it easy for alums with young kids to socialize while their kids have a ton of things to do and have a blast.  Have a heavy hitters tent for big donors to get the best of everything for what they've decided to donate to the school.  The tent stays up as well.  Next thing you know you have a manageable group of people who choose to stay and tailgate, making it easier for security to maintain things.  It feels like Fordham is all stick and not enough carrot on this one.  

The goal should start with making sure that everyone walks away from that day saying they enjoyed themselves and want to make it back next year whether they saw any football or not.  The more people that have that experience and the more people that are open to a call or letter asking them to give back to their school.  At least in my opinion it should be.

I have an idea, (as do a number of us with some logic) why not create smaller tents aligned by decades (80's, 90's etc.) to actually have some sense of connectivity with graduates from your time period - spread them out throughout campus which enables folks a forced walk and view of Rose Hill and perhaps the changes that have been made on campus - or set-up in LOT A. (perhaps, miliacci could actually raise some money - with his minions)

Also, 3 cashiers at the bookstore???  Any creative idea to set-up the shop within LOT A (since you were not using it prior to the game) and have kids with mobile payment capabilities to move product quickly...could see bigger revenue for a weekend??? Um, but no. 

Jeff Gray should be handed his walking papers along with other lifers who have contributed nothing to the University...outside of obtaining hand-outs for houses, tuition and golf club memberships.

There are some really good ideas here Toby and PA Ram.
24  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Homecoming - Fordham vs. Holy Cross University on: November 06, 2017, 10:40:14 am
   Actually, successful enterprises rarely make it by being risk-averse and listening to counsel's every word.   

First, depends on the kind of organization you're running.

Second, I listen to every word, but I don't follow every word.  I make my own judgements just like I do with every other information source.
25  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Homecoming - Fordham vs. Holy Cross University on: November 06, 2017, 10:09:59 am
I love that you are a member of the Yes Man society.  Thanks to people like you Holy Cross fans will continue to tailgate and Julio will serve you warm beer in the Non-donor tent. 


Your reading comprehension is exceptionally poor.
26  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Homecoming - Fordham vs. Holy Cross University on: November 06, 2017, 09:47:01 am
DamnRam.....since you know someone in "the know".......why don't you ask them why not just have Fordham get out of the Tailgating business and allow people to do their own Private tailgates? 

This is the typical Liberal thought process....."we can't allow the people to do things the way that they want.....We must make all decisions for them." 

It is so sad how lost we are.

Grow a set of balls!

If you knew what I've done for Fordham, and who I've confronted there when I felt necessary, you would understand that I'm the absolute last person to whom you should be saying "grow a set".  I have nothing to prove to you, and no I will not elaborate further.

As for using my connections, I prefer to keep my powder dry for something that is more important to me.  Also, and this is the critical thing, as you've shown me in your response to my FACTUAL post above, the last thing I'm going to do is go through the trouble only to report back and have you and others argue with me because you don't want to hear the answer.  You are a troll, nothing more.  You are perfectly capable of picking up the phone and making your case based on merits.

Your point about this being some political conspiracy is idiotic.
27  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Homecoming - Fordham vs. Holy Cross University on: November 06, 2017, 09:32:04 am
This is the biggest Cluster-F@ck that I have ever witnessed.  

And people thought that the Cargo Truck issue was comical.....

1. You haven't lived long then if this is the biggest CF's that you've ever witnessed.  There are MUCH bigger CF's in business and government, and they seem to happen all the time.  If you read the news long enough, even you might be able to spot them.

2. It was comical.  With all of the problems Fordham football (and Fordham in general) has, that you would even think to bring something like that up as such an important thing.
28  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Homecoming - Fordham vs. Holy Cross University on: November 06, 2017, 09:20:26 am
Missing the point here. Forhdam needs to outsource from the outsource for events like this. The pretenders who are serving beers in Dagger Johns are just that. You need a real event promoter to handle something like this, soup to nuts.

This is more complicated than you are portraying it.  As it was explained to me directly by someone in an absolute position to know...

1. The on-prem caterer which has control of all the facilities has absolutely no incentive to play ball with outside contractors brought in for special events, and for very legitimate reasons.  You open up the kitchen and related facilities to outsiders, then you have all sorts of issues which WILL arise.  For example, questions as to what areas they can go into, what equipment they can use.  What if someone breaks something?  What if something goes missing?  What if someone gets hurt in the kitchen?  Who is responsible for if there is a case of food poisoning, was it equipment that was dirty before the contractor ever stepped into the kitchen or was it clean and the fault was entirely the contractor's?  Who is supposed to clean up afterwards, where does the trash go, and what happens if the place is left a complete mess?  This is why the outside caterers who are brought in are done so on an exception basis and with kid gloves, and there are clear lines of separation.

2.  Catering contracts are written so that certain volume levels are assumed during the year in order to achieve break even and some degree of profitability.  The catering (with its higher margins) are looked to and indirectly promised as a way to help make up for that.  If you take that assumption of captured business away from the on-prem caterer, you give them an incentive to charge more for the normal food service operations.  Thus, it's actually in the school's best interests to throw as much business as you can to the caterer.

Given that, it's understandable why an outside company (producer or otherwise) would not be allowed anywhere near the facilities like Dagger John's.  However, that alone doesn't explain why the people working there would not be so competent.  It could be (and this is my guess) that the wages are so low that it's hard to find and keep talented staff, so they are constantly churning through staff.  Given the nature of the low-wage workforce and the very high cost of living in the NYC area, plus the fact Fordham doesn't have its own college of hospitality/catering to provide high quality low cost staff, I think that's the most likely answer.
29  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Homecoming - Fordham vs. Holy Cross University on: November 06, 2017, 09:01:14 am
Part of the reason  Forhdam must "outsource" these things is because they are not capable of doing it themselves.  Maybe they ban tailgating because they are lazy and they know that their security and food service folks would screw it up, so its easier to just say no.
You cant apply other schools to us. Fordham has totally incompetent people in marketing and food service. It takes you a half hour to get a beer from a bar pretender at Dagger John's, who is really a dishwasher.

Other schools probably have better personnel, we dont.  You want Julio behind the stick?

The main reason that Fordham outsources the serving of alcohol on campus is for liability cutout.  Had a problem?  It was that contractor who you should sue, not us.  

The other reason is that Fordham doesn't want to be in the business of serving alcohol, finding the qualified staff, etc. or for that matter be in the catering business.  They have enough to deal with.
30  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Homecoming - Fordham vs. Holy Cross University on: November 06, 2017, 08:55:42 am
I dont understand that part. How could they determine if you were from HC or Fordham?  Sounds like a perfect question for the Ask the AD segment. why did you allow HC to tailgate and not Fordham?

They let Holy Cross tailgate at our home coming.  They allow tailgating every other weekend.  This is not about risk management. 

I think these are very legitimate questions.  

I can understand having a strict tailgating policy, but to have one for one day and not another, and one for one set of visitors and a different one for another set of visitors looks to me like a plaintiff attorney's dream come true.  Imagine the plaintiff's attorney beating that point over and over again that but for this inconsistent policy, their client would be alive today.
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