September 26, 2017, 05:47:06 pm
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1  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: PL Pick'Em for Week 4 and Standings as of Week 3 on: September 19, 2017, 07:04:28 pm

The "Mighty Ivies" looking strong ... break that league up!
2  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Chasing Greatness Documentary on: September 18, 2017, 01:06:49 pm
I bet McShane loves it when Fordham sports fans are fighting about which sports program to raid for funds!

... rather than pushing him to support athletics in ways to raise all boats. 
3  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: DEFENSIVE AUTOPSY on: September 18, 2017, 12:45:53 pm
Please look back and note what I said "Amen!" to.

If your post is not a reply to the "Amen!" then don't quote it. It confuses matters.

LOL... I didn't know if "Amen" was a relatively passive agreement .... or a forum moderators equivalent of a Papal bull

4  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: DEFENSIVE AUTOPSY on: September 18, 2017, 11:20:23 am

Ace .... without stirring up cries of "Free Speech, First amendment, censorship, etc etc" ... I'd hate to see something as poisonous as some sort of "New HC" thread now.  Our coach id 9-4. Assuming we don't have a group of boosters putting together multimillion dollar packages to entice Nick Saban to the Bronx .... I'd hate to see a dumpster fire of a discussion like that in the beginning of this season.

On my maroon bruised knees I beg you not to facilitate that lunacy now.

-Don't let it poison the recruiting environment. Patriot League staffs will get the dialogue... and use it!
-Prospect parents read it

We are trying to increase fundraising ...  a new snake pit of careless or even malicious statements and charges won't help Fordham football.

Literally I can't believe this is a discussion.

5  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Chasing Greatness Documentary on: September 13, 2017, 11:22:02 pm
I hate to break this to some but no one on this board is the target market for this communication.

The target market are high school prospects, in their junior and sophomore seasons.

This style totally mimics the current style of reality, behind the scenes productions that players eat up.  Think of the wildly successful HBO Hard Knocks series and the surprise Netflix hit “Last Chance U.” Even niche entities like USA Football produced a popular season long series behind the scenes at Long Beach Pol HS.   Trust me, it’s everywhere. Kids and player parents can’t get enough of it.

For example…. The Fort Worth Star Telegram produced a season long series following a perennial state champ, Aledo HS.  For them it engaged younger viewers with an old, and largely irrelevant,  newspaper brand.

For those on the board saying it was less than ‘interesting’ … usually the interesting stuff is the conflict, drama, foul language and coaches losing their minds in anger.  No place for that in this initiative.

I bet if they had a creative brief the objective was “Give us a video we can distribute to the widest set of prospects possible” 
The goal of the video/series is “make Fordham look like a place you can see yourself playing at.”

My son got these from schools coast to coast.  It was the easiest way to get a sense of whether he wanted to even visit.  There were several that went from ‘not on my list’ to ‘yeah, I’d like visit.’   I asked him to react to it.  He said ... "cool"

The elements this Fordham video smartly featured included…
-They made Coffey look big by shooting the tall rear of the stands, shooting the field from the visitor side.
-The training facilities were well branded and looked normal
-guys having more fun than bustin’ their ass
-piles of food that seemed enjoyable
-a young coach giving positive presentation …. Better than a b buster
-the campus looked attractive
-the team chemistry looked great

It pays off in other ways…. like offering nice reward to Chase for all he’s given, and his loyalty.  The other guys love seeing themselves in these things.  This is the first generation that values 'fame' more than they value 'being rich'   They'll be stoked by this series.

I found it a healthy break from the ancient photos of past greatness. I has happy not to listen to an out of key version of our fight song that pops up in many of our videos. 

* No nostalgia
* No resemblance to out of date icons
* No straw hats, cheerleaders outfits designed by nuns, elderly fans, polite crowds

The worst part was that the team meeting had to be in an old Keating classroom. I took Business Planning in that theater style room 30 years ago  Shocked

Welcome to 2017 ... good to see Fordham playing to the present rather than the past. 

Vince Lombardi would approve if it helped attract players  Wink

6  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Fordham @ CCSU on: September 13, 2017, 01:08:42 pm

Regardless, anyone with a functioning brain stem can see that right now this team appears discombobulated from a coaching standpoint. You dont wait it out like Frank to let it hit rock bottom. You start to evaluate right now.  Anyone with 5 seconds of experience in sports knows that you start to evaluate the day the coach is hired. And right now there are a lot of red flags. Red flags often mean nothing this early, and things straighten out.....but it doesnt mean that you ignore them. This is a sports discussion board so of course people will be pointing to the obvious red flags.....porous D line, completely inept special teams and a kicker who cant lift it 2 feet off the ground.....the HC hired a new D coordinator this year and to me that is the biggest question mark right now....that hire by the HC...but again, the football and Gridiron folks have a proven track record of knowing what they are doing, so I trust it is in good hands.

I think that is fair. Evaluation from day 1 .... definitely.

I'll never forget the quote from one of the Mara's during Bill Parcell's first year as Head Coach.  He let it slip ... "well, what I think is Bill Parcells is a terrific Assistant Coach"

7  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: PL Pick'em Week 3 and Standings for Week 2 on: September 12, 2017, 12:02:56 pm

William & Mary 

My lock of the week ....  the Bucknell-William & Mary game will start at 6pm

Not all have heard the classic Lou Holtz excuse for failure at William & Mary:   "We got too many Mary's, and not enough Williams!"
8  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Fordham @ CCSU on: September 12, 2017, 11:56:00 am
My God ... we sure can jump in the muck and roll around in it faster than any population I've ever seen.   

The young man starts his career 9-4 and gets this load of crap dumped on his locker room door!

When did we turn into entitled Crimson Tide fans?  When did we get the 'right' to be this way? Of course have the 'right' to be delusional, unreasonable, unrealistic, nit-picky (Rich Rodriguez cheat sheet triggers some!).... even bitter.  But it is corrosive. It's not a positive force.

It hurts fundraising
It hurts recruiting  (yes... recruits and their dads read these boards if they are serious about a program)

Here's a hypothetical  .... suppose we go a disappointing 7-4 or 6-5.  Would you really derail two years of recruiting, lose young players, lose the best assistants, push back program gains ... double down on risk ....  by switching horses?
9  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: PL Pick'em Week 2 and Standings for Week 1 on: September 08, 2017, 10:59:41 am

Good to see a Pioneer Conf team on Georgetown's schedule.   I'd like to see us look at them for OOC down the road
10  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Army game on: September 05, 2017, 01:32:31 pm
You can't go on to the next game if you don't fix what happened in this one.  I would be in very long film sessions today.  They need to see what happened and figure out why there was a total breakdown.  Don't need yelling and screaming and benchings but they need to get inside the player's heads and figure this out.

I'll stand corrected then.... "burn the tape" is for us fans.

Burn this thread.

Crush Cent Conn if we can.

And if we do... none of that handwringing like some engaged in after we crushed E-City State.  The players didn't schedule that game... they just did their job.

11  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Men's Basketball / Re: Starting Line Up '17-18' on: September 02, 2017, 05:19:49 pm
I am not concerned about replacing the scoring. 

Agree.  If you have the same number of possessions, and roughly the same shooting % .... the points get replaced.  Magic!
12  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Army game on: September 02, 2017, 05:03:50 pm
This isn't a burn the tape kind of game. He needs to figure out who is executing, who is over matched and who is a project that you can work with. 

"Burn the tape" is for the players.  The coaches will watch it all weekend.
13  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Army game on: September 02, 2017, 03:09:52 pm

9. Burn the tape

Burn the tape
Burn this thread!
Burn the damn trucks

Make your blocks ... make your tackles ... hike the g-d ball!
14  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Next year's QB on: August 28, 2017, 05:23:58 pm
Scott: You're hired!  The 'team' now consists of you and the guy sitting behind a metal desk in the basement of the RHG, near where Mike Fleming washed our jocks and uniforms 😄

Hired for what Jimbo.... PR flack ... or QB recruiter?

Or in the Fordham tradition, both?
The QB recruiter has been doing well so I'll concentrate on PR!
15  The Fordham Forums / All Other Fordham Rams' Sports / Re: Volleyball Wins 3 Matches To Open the Year on: August 28, 2017, 04:33:01 pm
Fairchild was named A10 Offensive Player of the Week.

tx...I'm thrilled to see you posting!   It must mean you and your family are safe in Houston.

Prayers for all Rams in the Gulf Coast region..... and all of your neighbors.  The flooding is hard to fathom.
16  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Army game on: August 28, 2017, 12:29:00 pm
Make a comment about Frank and/or facilities.  It will perk up.

exactly..... our only gripes in football tend to be
-continued concern about the D, especially the D line
-marketing this program
-disappointing fan support (vis a vis their success)

All three are up in the air for 2017 .... so we don't know what to bitch about.

Can't wait for this game!!!
17  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Next year's QB on: August 28, 2017, 12:22:40 pm
Fordham has developed a reputation for offense and head coaching that are a QBs dream.  The model for being a great place to transfer in for a talented, yet underutilized, FBS OB is cast. 

I think we'll do this over and over until something in the formula changes.

It's important for the Fordham PR 'team'  to cast more light on Kevin A to send messages to other QBs in, or entering, D1  .... a great school, great program, great offense, great city, great coaches ... great place to relaunch your college career
18  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Football streaming...? on: August 24, 2017, 10:46:24 am
In recent years I've found every game on streaming TV as well.  It's not always easy though.

I believe the athletic dept schedule notes the tv/radio sources for each game.  Perhaps it is too early for them to detail all of the games.  That's giving them the benefit of the doubt.   

I love the FUV idea but I assume there are various contracts and rights that get in the way of an appealing, Fordham centric  solution
19  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: PL Pick'em Week One on: August 23, 2017, 10:51:51 am
Cal Poly

BTW.... Free the F 4's last notation excited me. For a moment I thought it was an announcement of a change in the Patriot League.


Also... I got triggered when I heard that a gal named Eva E. Peron would be the CBS sideline reporter at the game... yikes
20  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Men's Basketball / Re: Why the RHG is to be Named for McGlaughlin on: August 22, 2017, 06:49:41 pm
“I was a Maserati in neutral,” he noted

More like a Corvair.

Sounds like Tommy had to leave a few days early on those trips because he couldn't work the gears. Somebody should have told Tommy Maserati that the ride was an automatic  Wink
21  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Football Opens 2017 Camp on: August 22, 2017, 12:18:29 pm
AOC and VT summed it up perfectly. 

I'm encouraged by the DL size we recruited this year, but their not going to help against EWU.  Our experienced DLs look "too quick" if you know what I mean  Wink

Question for those who really know coaching the trenches.  It seems we have gotten bigger on the OL over the past 3-4 years.  Can daily practice reps against significantly larger OLs make any meaningful difference for our Dl play on gameday?
22  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Men's Basketball / Re: Why the RHG is to be Named for McGlaughlin on: August 22, 2017, 11:46:07 am
I had a nightmare last night.

It's almost 200 years in the future and there is nothing left of New York. A cycle of natural climate change has brought bitterly cold temperatures to the northern US.  NYC was burnt to the ground.  Desperate hoards ransacked places like FU for books to use for fuel. Trees in the Botanical Gardens were cut for firewood. A massive fire has brought street level to a primordial state.

Scientists are digging through ruble below the green shoots and brush.

In the area that was The Bronx archeologists see a blinking light in a cavern near the surface. It's a remarkably preserved library carrel.  It has hieroglyphics in English carved into the wooded desk saying "Joe Sunfish wuz here, good party", "Rich and 85 say Fire Frank!" ... and many people carved "the food at Fordham suc..(scientist note: unintelligible two letters)".

The blinking light is on an original Apple iMac.  Remarkably, through reasons that can't be explained in a dream, the iMac is still running, still powered ... and still has a 200 hundred year old internet connection to a single discussion topic.  Nothing else, just one topic. The scientists are very excited because they have not seen any other form of history, documentation, books or records of the period in the early 21st Century. It's a breakthrough.  The only recorded proof that Fordham University existed was a years long discussion about someone named McLaughlin.  His name was painted on some wood.

That wood was burned for heat like almost every other pieces the poor frozen wretches could find.

The scientists studied for years to learn more about the place.  Finally they decided that it most not have been a very important place. God love them, the people seemed to spend weeks repeating the same points, with little opposition to the main arguments.     

23  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Moorhead ESPN / Fordham & Power 5 mention on: August 22, 2017, 11:10:38 am

That's OK madram, you can mention my name. I am a big boy so I can take it.

Franklin is a good recruiter that is his specialty and lets face it without talent you don't win many games, so to his credit he is a good recruiter.  On the other hand he is a terrible game day coach and is a rah rah cheerleader, which is well known by those who follow PSU Football. Prior to last year he was on the warm seat and to some even on the hot deal.  Many alums and supporters were expecting a turning point in the program and fortunately it happened.  A big part of that was Franklin scooping up Moorhead.  He needed someone who could call plays.  I know folks on the inside at PSU and Moorhead was given full reign of the offense.  You can see evidence of this as you see the games.  Franklin was ga ga over Moorhead in the Rose Bowl as Moorhead stuck gold on several big plays.  His actions were kind of embarrassing for a head coach.  Basically Franklin put all his chips in the pot betting on Moorhead and he won, hence the contract extension.  If Moorhead did not produce Franklin was gone.

Again, I give Franklin credit for his recruiting and being smart enough that he cant call play and outsourced that to his hot shot OC.  On the other hand, he is still a rah-rah incomplete coach, albeit a rich one.  As for those saying he would go NFL, please tell me why.  Franklin is a PA guys at one of the elite college coaching gigs and gets paid a ton of money.  He knew he predecessor did the hard work and attracting kids who could play and get past the Paterno debacle. Everyone knows this was a year rebuild program and he knew the heft lifting was done before him by Reilly.    PSU has been a solid program and will always be a solid program and to make up rumors that Frankliin is going to the NFL is idiotic.  He will ride it out in Happy valley as long as he can.   


Chaka  ... credit to you for being fair to Franklin after seeing what he's accomplished.  Including the top things a college coach does .... recruit and hire great coordinators and coaches..

They are #6 in the AP preseason poll.

It seems the biggest faults you still lay on him are ...".. he's  still a rah-rah, incomplete coach..."    If I'm the AD and that's the truth about my young, winning coach, I could live with it.  I'll keep winning while he slowly becomes more complete.

Happy Valley indeed   Grin
24  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Men's Basketball / Re: San Jose State to hire Jean Prioleau as head coach on: August 16, 2017, 02:14:57 pm
Jean's coaching at a large state school that's not the state's flagship school (Cal). And there are other state schools (UCLA, SDSU) with higher profiles. While we at Fordham like to think that state schools dump unlimited funds on their colleges' athletic programs, that's not true. While I think you'll find the taxpayers have built SJSU a decent facility. you're likely to find that the operating budget is no greater than Fordham's, and likely a lot less. Jean's going from a state flagship to a school in the California State U. system -- a cut below the University of California system -- and will face institutional constraints from Day 1.  That being said, SJSU is an attractive school in a happening city. He will either tap into local private funds to build the team into a power, or, as someone said above, "take two NCAA appearances" and call his agent.

One can do it. I remember watching Fresno State win the NIT in the Garden years ago. Not sure if that was when Tarkanian coached them, or after, but they clearly had something going, and a HUGE group of fans who'd made the cross-country trek.

Good luck to Jean. He's certainly paid his dues and earned his shot.

Some additional perspective on how strapped the California schools are now. Friends recently took their son to see UC San Diego. The kid has a 34 ACT.  He's being heavily recruited by the best medical programs in his interest area (medical robotics). Public and private schools are throwing full ride offers at him across the country.

UCSD is in the top 5 for his study area.  Admissions counselor at UCSD said they'd love to have him, but the Cal coffers are so bare that they can't give any aid to top qualified out of state applicants... zero.   He'll end up at Vandy, Rice or Alabama. 

They've got problems out west.   
25  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Men's Basketball / Re: San Jose State to hire Jean Prioleau as head coach on: August 14, 2017, 09:33:07 pm
Exactly.  Jean is a Fordham alum who worked really hard to get this shot.  I wish him luck, period.


As for this discussion ..... "take two NCAA appearances, and call me in the morning"
26  The Fordham Forums / All Other Fordham Rams' Sports / Re: WBB Taking European Tour on: August 07, 2017, 12:38:36 am
These trips are a huge team benefit.  The extra practices and games flow right to player and team development.
27  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: 2017 Predictions on: July 31, 2017, 01:18:49 pm
2017 Fordham Football Schedule
9/1/2017 - Army - WIN
9/9/2017 - Central Connecticut State University - WIN
9/16/2017  - Eastern Washington University - LOSS
9/23/2017 - Bryant University - WIN
9/30/2017 - Yale University - WIN
10/7/2017 - Lafayette College - WIN
10/14/2017 - Colgate University - WIN
10/21/2017 - Georgetown University - WIN
10/28/2017 - Lehigh University - WIN ... big damn win!
11/4/2017 -  Holy Cross - WIN
11/18/2017 - Bucknell University - WIN

Patriot League Title  10-1  ... Best Offense, and surprisingly we rank as the third best Defense, and the best Special teams with our new PK.
28  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Men's Basketball / Re: Recruiting Update on: July 31, 2017, 02:06:43 am
As most of you know their is a lively board discussion regarding "yield" ..... especially yield at Fordham.

It seems like we went from dangerously silent to loads of offers.  Does any one know if we've extended more offers for the '18 class then a typical Rams offered slate?

It seems like our USA basketball yield has been low the last few years.

If so....offer more, more, more.  There's plenty of A10 level talent.  Buy more stamps and letterhead Coach.
29  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Men's Basketball / Re: Recruiting Update on: July 23, 2017, 03:22:21 pm
And more from Pat Lawless:

Junior Ballard, a class of 2018 guard playing for @QpElite (CA), has picked up an offer from Fordham.

Thanks for the updates on these 2 California offers.  I guess we are seeing high activity from Ali Ton.  I would guess that the half dozen Californians we've offered and focused on are products of his network from his UC Irvine days; and the Turkish pipeline is obvious (and fruitful!)

Is Europe really that much further than California?  Wink

Count me in among those agnostic regarding where the athletes come from.  I like "made in America" as much as the next guy if it is possible, but we seem to have challenges that are caused but several well documented speed bumps (academic requirements, losing reputation, NYC not for everyone, working conditions, past coaching turmoil).

There was been talk among us that the NYC/CHSAA talent pool is contracting.  If it is, consider that the pool of D1 players who can also qualify academically might be contracting even faster.  And the kids that are left in NYC are much, much less 'worried' about playing in the south, the Midwest, etc.  The perception of "it could be a nightmare" away from the 'safety of NY is much less relevant.   The information age hurts St Johns, Fordham in this regard.  Even if the pool is not contracting, it sure hurts when more national schools can successfully draw from our reservoir!

Over time I'd be interested in whether a larger sample of foreign players exposes these potential downsides....
-Higher attrition due to homesickness or poor cultural fit into the US
-Higher levels of poaching of our 'discoveries' by large conferences
-Greater outflow of our kids back into their pro leagues.  Unlike a Mandell Thomas (american), there are no roster limits to their own country's teams.
-Inefficient recruiting expenses.  It our cost of recruiting ends up 50% or more than peer programs, that is a budget risk
Until any or all of those become problems, we should stop banging our heads against the "domestic only" wall, or the "NYC focused team" wall.
30  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Men's Basketball / Re: Chuba Interview on News 12 on: July 23, 2017, 02:54:10 pm
Thanks RoRam ... great find!

Watching Chuba workout makes me think his body will look very different over the next few years.  His frame appears to be able to carry more muscle without compromising his quickness and athleticism. He's a player I really look  forward to watching. 

I think he can become an elite A10 player.
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