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1  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Another Hit to the Defense? on: October 18, 2017, 02:56:25 pm
Poor baby.  The coach yelled at hims so it effected his play.  Did Mike Tomlin yell at him too?  Is that why the Steelers cut him?  Do these guys ever look at their own performance?

You are also being immature like AB. The kid got injured right before the last preseason game and requires surgery. You only hear from the coaches. You have no interest nor have you ever heard anything from any of the players. So how do you really know anything if you only know one side of the story?
2  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Another Hit to the Defense? on: October 18, 2017, 02:51:49 pm
No not what I said, nor what happened. The kid went to him to ask why he was being individualized and why he was receiving harsher punishment and AB simply told him that he doesnít need Odom and attacked him personally and benched him from there on out. In my opinion, AB handles situations immaturely and it shows in recent events such as trying to take away a kids scholarship because he simply didnít like him or by suspending max because he expressed interest in leaving after the season
3  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Another Hit to the Defense? on: October 18, 2017, 01:15:53 pm
Ya know, there's an old football term: "piling on."  That's what's happening here.

Where was all this inside information about the coach's personality flaws, player discontent, the hiring process, etc. after the hire was made?  Where was the inside information and the criticism (and outright attacks) last year when the team was going 8 and 3?

Now that the season has gone upside down we've got a bunch of new posters bringing the heat on the coach and claiming to know about player discontent.

Really unfortunate . . .
Attack on Odom last year? Iíve spoken to his mother during games and his play vanished not because of his play, but because of a back and forth between him and AB once Odom felt that he started to be personally attacked after constant heat from AB that wasnít being equally shown towards other players.
4  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Another Hit to the Defense? on: October 16, 2017, 07:25:31 pm
I tried to hold my tongue about the team this year, but the piece of information I received earlier today is a little too much. I've heard from multiple current players that Max Roberts is to be suspended. The length? Indefinite. The reason? He expressed some concern about his future in the program. Thoughts on the effect of his absence for the rest of the season?
5  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: P. Odom - Pro Day/NFL Draft Outlook on: September 16, 2017, 04:56:36 pm
That doesn't mean he isn't catching well. It also states that its targets not drops. Those could be over thrown or broken up. It states that he only had two drops.
6  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: P. Odom - Pro Day/NFL Draft Outlook on: September 04, 2017, 10:48:56 am
He did not catch the ball well in training camp.

07, as regards the CFL your comment "a great way to make a living" got me to thinking.  Is it really?  I read where the average salary is south of 100 grand.  In this age of concussion awareness, I can see where  guys coming out a good school like Fordham with a degree would decide "I had a great run with football in HS and college. I'm probably not making it in the NFL. I've got my wits about me. I going to get on with my life."

Where did you read that he did not catch the ball well in training camp?  Or are you just assuming?
7  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: If we could any player from the last 5 years to this team, who would you pick? on: August 07, 2017, 03:59:59 pm
2013 Neibrich, 2013 Sam Ajala, 2013 Levon Williams, Hodge, 2015 Odom
8  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Football Opens 2017 Camp on: August 07, 2017, 03:55:59 pm
Are we sure that Fox is back? I know he was sidelined with injury last year, but he did not practice in the spring either. Has he been seen practicing so far this fall camp?
9  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: June 12th article on Phazahn on: August 07, 2017, 03:52:57 pm
I wasn't doing much today and thought that I would check up on our recent alum that is in the NFL! Maybe still too soon to speak but judging by others, it seems that Odom is making a fairly well transition. I can't wait to see how he does against the Giants on the 11th.
10  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: P. Odom - Pro Day/NFL Draft Outlook on: June 03, 2017, 01:38:27 pm
11  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: P. Odom - Pro Day/NFL Draft Outlook on: May 25, 2017, 07:25:00 pm

I doubt you heard that from anyone about Odom. You always "hear things" about Odom that are always completely wrong. Just like how you said he would go to the combine as a defensive end. I happen to know the kid personally and everything you say is indeed false.
12  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: P. Odom - Pro Day/NFL Draft Outlook on: April 20, 2017, 04:32:28 pm
I still believe that Odom has a really good shot at getting drafted. Like it was said before, there are not that many 6'8" 250 guys moving the way he does. In my opinion, he seemed faster than a 4.7. I think he would have had a better time if it was not for his surgery. He still may be recovering from that. One of the coaches also said that he caught the ball really well during his pro day which helped him out a lot. Maybe the contacts helped out after all Wink
13  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: P. Odom - Pro Day/NFL Draft Outlook on: March 30, 2017, 04:45:11 pm
Saw videos of the positionals and asked around and it was said that Odom caught the ball very well and smoothly which is something he definitely needed to do. He also jumped a 33 vert i saw in one tweet. Pearcey also looked good in the positionals.
14  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: P. Odom - Pro Day/NFL Draft Outlook on: March 27, 2017, 05:01:24 pm
I agree. I can't wait to see the results. I have been a fan of his and am a little disappointed in the outcome of his senior year. I also saw a tweet that said that he is going out to the Jets and Giants local days.
15  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: P. Odom - Pro Day/NFL Draft Outlook on: March 27, 2017, 04:30:17 pm
Although this is a strong tight end class, at one point in time Odom was top 10 in the class. I have 2 scout friends that said that their teams have a 5th/6th round grade on him. Then I have a buddy who ate lunch with the Kansas City Chiefs QB coach and he said that he and a few other teams believe that if Odom put up the numbers that they think he will put up, he should be a 4th round pick. The only thing that hurts Odom is his lack of production but it is understood that he was not used at all. A solid pro day can help him over come that.
16  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Fordham v. Holy Cross at Yankee Stadium on: November 14, 2016, 05:38:21 pm
I think at this point in the season its safe to say that Odom just wasn't producing this year, for all we know he struggled in practice also... and for all we know the game-film showed something totally different than what we saw.

Even as astute and involved as a lot of the people who post around here are we will never have full visibility into the Odom disappearing act of 2016. What ride it has been.

Wish him the best in his post Fordham career!

I watched the game online and the commentators talked about their pregame interview with AB. They asked him why he benched Odom and he replied with "I am just trying to make him a better player" Then when they commented on his size and running ability he replied by saying there are a lot of 6'7" guys in the NFL who can catch. It is possible that Odom may have declined this year, but it is hard to say that when he was not even given opportunity to produce in the pass game, and when he did he produced. I think there must be something going on between the two of them. Why would you not use your NFL prospect, preseason all-american TE and then bench him??
17  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Colgate @ Fordham 11/5 on: November 09, 2016, 10:18:14 am
So, just so I'm clear on this: you are stating that you have been told, by someone who would actually know, that Odom is being invited to the combine and worked out as a defensive end?  Please confirm that.

Also, did your source state whether it was the national or regional combine?

Sorry for replying to things as I see them, but i have not been on the last few days. Apparently, he is on the radar for the National NFL combine. Preseason, he was the highest rated FCS tight end coming out this year and on the watch list for the Reese's Senior Bowl which is the number 1 All-star game. Out of all the seniors in the nation at all levels, he was in the top 200 and was graded out in the top 10 among all tight ends in all levels.
18  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Colgate @ Fordham 11/5 on: November 09, 2016, 09:42:31 am
You're not looking at "targeting" in the context of this offense.  Last year was a different situation.  There was a team full of very good receivers  Defenses were playing us differently.  It's not hard to throw a receiver off his game when you only have to focus on one. 

A team full of talented receivers last year? We had the same WRs last year that we do this year, so why is he not targeted the same as last year? not to say we do not have talented WRs because we do but if we are going to say they struggle to get open and get separation and still pass it to them, then why not pass it to a 6'8" target that has a bigger catch radius if we are claiming that Odom does not get open either.
19  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Colgate @ Fordham 11/5 on: November 09, 2016, 09:27:26 am
you keep saying that but you're ignoring the fact that he was our NUMBER ONE option last year. Tops in all receiving categories. This year the production hasn't been the same but its not because he'd dropping passes every game. He's not running as many route and he's not the #1 read when he is. He performs well with his limited opportunity in the passing game though.

I completely agree with that. Everyone forgets that he lead the team in all receiving categories last year. How can you say he is not a dominating factor knowing this? People blame everything on him dropping balls but he dropped passes as much as other receivers. This year he has rarely dropped anything. The only dropped pass from this season I can recall is the touchdown at Navy. Him knowing that when a pass comes his way, it may be the only one he might get for that game may be why he does not have a many drops.
20  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Colgate @ Fordham 11/5 on: November 07, 2016, 01:06:50 am
+1, Not sure what Navy game New Guy watched. 

There is a reason that he gets 1-3 passes thrown to him each game.

Great comeback win yesterday.

Look at all three of his catches. He could not be tackled that day.

go to 36:44, 1:49:32, and 1:52:00
21  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Colgate @ Fordham 11/5 on: November 06, 2016, 10:05:48 am
Although the article about Odom a few weeks ago stated that AB had a different focus with the offense, I think that there is some underlying reason as to why he does not use Odom. Odom started less games than not this season, according to a lot of places he is a legitimate draft pick that could go as high as the third round if he has a good pro day/go to combine, he is on the Reese's Senior Bowl watchlist, he is 6'8 and is a walking mismatch, last year he showed us that he has good TD production, he was a beast at Navy and could not be stopped with the ball in his hand, and Searight is the better blocker but not so much better where I would start him over Odom especially with what Odom can also create in the pass game. So why? Does anyone know how AB really feel about Odom. Can anyone recall them getting into it in past years when AB was the QB coach? Players like this do not just walk around everyday. He could have helped the team out a lot this year but instead our pass game struggled for most of the season.

Another note, Cantelli catch was amazing. Love that kid. He really showed up to play yesterday making those tough grabs.
22  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Colgate @ Fordham 11/5 on: November 05, 2016, 09:35:22 am
All eyes are on our passing game today. Colgate has a top 10 rush defense that shut down our running attack last year. If we can not get going in the air today then it will be a long day on Jack Coffey today. I know AB has a different use of Odom, but Colgate has smaller defensive backs than some of the other patriot league teams. It would be nice to see us use the mismatch he creates in the passing game. The only thing that seemed to have changed from our passing game last year to this year is how we use him. Maybe if we go back to actually using him that can open things up for other WRs and help make things run smoothly.
23  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Fordham @ Lehigh 10/29 PL Title at stake on: November 02, 2016, 08:35:05 pm
If you need any assurance from his hands, look at his highlight film on youtube from last season
24  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Fordham @ Lehigh 10/29 PL Title at stake on: November 02, 2016, 08:33:31 pm
Odom's catches have dropped from 3 catches a game last year to 2 catches a game this year.  As I said earlier would our offensive production go up or down with him not playing this position this year?  Would our offensive production have gone up or down last year with him not playing the position?  Would our defense have been better or worse this year with him playing on the defensive line or end this year?  Odom will be looked at in the NFL on the defensive side of the ball. 

I love all the arm chair QB's that immediately shoot down my theory. 

The facts are that we were humiliated last week on defense and that we are not making the playoffs this year.  If anyone else has a better solution then please share.  And the Redshirt idea is pure fantasy.  This is reality.

3 drops a game to 2 drops a game?Huh?
Odom dropped 2 passes last year in his FIRST game starting, which was also against an FBS opponent. Midseason last year Odom was probably our most reliable receiver. He definitely does not have that many drops this year because not only is he rarely targeted, but he rarely goes out on passes. This is clearly coming from someone who does not even watch the games. How can a kid who led the team in every receiving category last year have stone hands? He most certainly does not have the most drops this season. The only drop I could recall was the one he had at the end of the Navy game. We are obviously missing his production on offense. The offense looks nowhere near as smooth. He has been productive when he has gotten the ball the few times he did. He looked like a totally different player during the Navy game, then vs Lafayette he toasted a safety and took it to the house for 80 yards... That type of explosion is something that our offense had in the past that it is missing now from its passing game.
25  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Odom Interview on: October 20, 2016, 11:42:40 pm
Well I guess the questions about Odom involvement in the pass game are answered
26  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Fordham @ Monmouth on: October 03, 2016, 02:49:06 pm
Great minds think alike Jimbo Grin Wink
27  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Fordham @ Monmouth on: October 03, 2016, 02:47:43 pm
I agree with many here that there is much work to be done, holes that need to be filled, but allow me to make some observations (not excuses);

-New coach: yes, he was a line coach before the promotion and knows the team, but this is a new responsibility, new focus and some adjustments will be made.  I think we need to give him a full year to really solidify his new responsibilities and gel with the whole team, not just a line.  We all remember what a good coach Clawsen was, but his first year as HC he was 1-10 if I remember.  Not a good comparison as he had a weak team to build on and we have a solid team this year, but my point is Breiner needs to settle in as HC.

-Injuries: some very good players are not playing right now that might have made a big difference in some games and all the difference at the 1 point loss at Monmouth.

-Monmouth:  They are a much better team than people give them credit for and can recruit payers that we can't.  They play in the Big South with some very good teams, they beat Lehigh (that some now say will win the PL this year...we shall see...) AT Lehigh while we lost by 1 point in OT AT Monmouth.  Keep in mind we outscored them 21-7 in the second half: just bad luck with the kick.  Too many people, myself included, thought we'd win this one but did not consider that they beat a very good Lehigh team at Lehigh.  Scott W86 and Old Coach picked saw what most of us didn't.

PL Parity: The three top teams: Lehigh, Colgate and Fordham all have lost games that many say shouldn't have been lost: Lehigh and Fordham to Monmouth and Colgate to Cornell (now there was a shocker).  So right now no team is an overwhelming favorite and anything can happen any given Saturday.  There is still time to fix what needs fixing and make a strong showing in league play; I would rather lose to Monmouth and learn from it then beat Lehigh and Colgate than have beaten the Jersey Shore Hawks but then lose in league play.

Just saying....

He wasn't a line coach. Before this he was the QB/pass coordinator under Moorhead
28  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Fordham @ Monmouth on: October 03, 2016, 02:42:52 am
Odom is a play maker. Other than the 3 drops he had in the first two games last year, what other drops did Odom have to call his hands "CONCRETE" ?? I thought maybe those games he just let his nerves get the best of him since it was his first 2 games starting. He might have dropped those two passes at Army but I watched Odom make some ridiculous catches like the 1 vs Lehigh last year when he caught an over the shoulder pass with 1 hand with a defender drapped all over him.
29  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Fordham @ Monmouth on: October 02, 2016, 06:45:49 pm
Odom?Huh? There are a lot of questions but that is a big one. I do not know if anyone noticed but he did not start against Monmouth. Both him and Searight both blocked well but they didn't really get passing opportunities like last year. Even though the offense looks similar, maybe Coach B just want his tight ends to be used to block and catch short routes like how we used Light a few years ago. Odom and Light are two completely different types of tight ends but maybe that's how they want to use them
30  The Fordham Forums / Fordham Football / Re: Penn @ Fordham Homecoming on: September 28, 2016, 11:09:47 am
Not knowing the context of stun in that sentence, I believe the only thing stunned or not working is your brain 85  Grin Grin
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